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Delivery around the North Sea. Blue Barrel is located in the centre where all installation and decommissioning takes place for the next decades. Our main office is located at the coast in Noordwijk. While IJmuiden is the place where our bulk is stored. Furthermore we have stocking points around the North Sea in Den Helder, Esbjerg and Aberdeen. Our products are never more away then a day’s drive. Smoothen your operation by teaming up with Blue Barrel.

Our distribution partner is Lubbers Transport Group

BlueBarrel_favicon_02 IJmuiden

Blue Barrel Storage


Daily Delivery


2/3 Times a Week Delivery

Great Yarmouth

2/3 Times a Week Delivery


Daily Delivery

Packaging sizes

Enviro-Lube: 20 KG, 180 KG (on request)     Enviro-1: 20 KG, 220 KG (on request)

Chemola Desco Valve Lubricants and Sealants