Arctic Pak – Arctic-Grade Injectable Packing

Desco Arctic Pak is a pumpable packing and sealant specially formulated for water and steam service under low-temperature conditions. It is pumpable with a high-pressure (10,000 psi) lubrication hand gun even at sub-zero temperatures. Desco Arctic Pak contains silicone oils with inert fillers and synthetic fibers that are extremely resistant to water.

Service Recommendations

Aqueous solutions, hydrocarbons (low temperatures), steam and water.


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Typical Characteristics

ASTM penetration
Bulk 80 – 130
Large stick 40 – 80
Small stick 30 – 50
Base oil type silicone
Flash point 480°F (+249°C) (TCC)
Color blue
Temperature range -70°F to +600°F
(-56°C to +315°C)
Shelf life guaranteed 2 years


Packaging Information

Item No.Unit SizeQuantityShip Wt.

230B-12 “B” stick 3/8”x  1/2” 72 per box .5 lbs.
230J-12 “J’ stick, 1-3/8” x 8-1/2” 16 per box 9 lbs.
230K-12 “K” stick, 1-1/2 x 10-1/2” 12 per box 10 lbs.
2358-12 3/8” x 3/4” stick 120 per box 11 lbs.
2360-12 3/4” x 2” stick 1 each .5 lbs.
2364-12 3/4” x 4” stick 1 each .5 lbs.



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