WLD 120 – Wire Cable Lubricant and Dressing

Wire Cable Lubricant and Dressing. WLD-120 is a synthetic base, fast-penetrating, adhesive, thin-film, extreme pressure, light bodied wire rope lubricant made for easier pour-on or drip system application without heating. It will not throw-off, melt or run in the hot sun, steam or high temperature service. It reduces internal and external friction, abrasive wear and bending stresses.   chemola-logo   desco logo Download Product Data Sheet Download Product MSDS Sheet


WLD-120 is noncorrosive and can be used by personnel in hazardous industrial applications. It is fast penetrating and free-flowing and will penetrate through most caked on lubricants. WLD-120 can be used on iron, galvanized, stainless, or plow steel strands. The special non-hardening synthetic lubricant has an affinity for metals and provides a waterproof covering against corrosion from weather. It is ideal for use with IWRC, hemp and polypropylene centers.


Cold application-no heating required. Use pour-on drip system with simple wiping swab behind the sheave. Can be brushed or sprayed on wire rope. Built-in color indicator. See WLD-120 penetrate into cable strands. When color is gone from surface of wire rope, reapply WLD-120. Economical. Heated lubrication techniques take time, personnel and special apparatus. WLD-120 is applied cold. Waterproof. Helps to protect metal against corrosion. Use on stored wire ropes and eliminate re-lubrication before placing in service. Fast Penetrating. A special carrier moves quickly through old grease to lubricate the important inner strands by carrying with it the needed lubricants. The penetrating chemical evaporates and leaves a micro-thin layer of lubricant on each and every strand. WLD-120 is effective in reducing the internal abrasion of wires rubbing against each other during the bending and stressing of the wire rope in operation. Improper lubrication of wire ropes costs industry millions of dollars each year. Wire ropes will last from two to ten times longer if properly lubricated. Wire rope lubrication has never been a popular job for equipment operators or maintenance personnel. WLD-120 makes the job easier and more cost effective.

Service Recommendations

Ski-lift operations, mining, oilfield drilling rigs, marine cables, logging slings and crane cables, etc. Agilate well before using. Keep container tightly closed to prevent evaporation of penetrant.

Typical Characteristics

Color silver
Temperature range -50°F to +350°F (-45°C to +177°C)


Packaging Information

Item No.Unit SizeQuantityNet Wt.Ship Wt.

1206-03 1 gal. 4per case  45 lbs. 47 lbs.
1205-03 5 gal. 1 each  50 lbs. 53 lbs.
1230-03 30 gal. 1 each  300 lbs. 327 lbs.
1255-03 55 gal. 1 each  400 lbs. 438 lbs.



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