Mag ep

Desco MAG-EP2 is a general purpose non-melting lubricant with suspended molybdenum disulfide for special wear characteristics. It contains special additives for EP characteristics, corrosion inhibition and oxidation stability. Greater anti-wear and anti-seize properties are enhanced by this special formulation, along with greater stability in the presence of acids and water.

Service recommendations

High temperature bearing applications, king pins, ball joints, gears, screws, kiln car bearings and hinges.


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Typical Characteristics

ASTM penetration 265-295
Thickener inorganic
Timken OK load lbs. 45
ASTM Dropping point >500°F (>260°C)
Pour point -5°F (-15°C)
Color bluish black
Temperature range 10°F to +500°F
(-12°C to +260°C)


Packaging Information

Item No.Unit SizeQuanityNet Wt.Ship Wt.

040Z-04 14.5 oz. ctrg. 10 per ctn. 10 lbs. 11 lbs.
0403-04 5 gal. 1 each 35 lbs. 37 lbs.
0410-04 16 gal. 1 each 120 lbs. 130 lbs.
0440-04 55 gal. 1 each 400 lbs. 438 lbs.



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