Copperhead – Thread Lubricant (Lead Free)

304 Copperhead thread lubricant (lead free) is formulated with micro-size copper flakes. Additional addditives give the product extreme pressure perfomance and greater lubricity. It contains compounds that have tremendous load carrying abilities under all temperature ranges form below 0°F to over 1500°F (-18°C to 815°C). The metallic compounds are blended into a nonflamable lubricant that exceeds API working parameters

304 Copperhead is formulated to prevent down-hole makeup, even when excessive drilling torques are required. This helps to prevent galling and ensures ease of breakout. An excellent drill pipe and drill collar compound it provides a positive seal on rotary shoulder connections under all drilling conditions while preventing galling.

304 Copperhead has proven to be extremely reliable in underground boring applications. This environmentally friendly formula makes for ease of breakout. As an anti-seize compound it is used on fittings, flanges, tubing, couplings, gauges, studs, nipples, nuts, pipe threads, unions, pipe reducers, screws and valves. Can be used on power screws, sleeves, tool ways and guides, packing in U-joints, cams, dies and punches, taps and drills, lathe centers, drive chains, gears, cables, as a wire line dressing and on all tool joints.

As a high temperature lubricant it may be used on all threaded connections, flange connections, engine connections, heat exchangers, autoclaves, manifolds, ovens, boilers, cylinder heads, turbines, and burner heads. It is not recommended for stainless steel fittings where the temperature exceeds 500°F (260° C). Service rating to 10,000 p.s.i. in confined threads. Temperature rating to 1500° F (815°C).


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Typical Characteristics:

ASTM penetration, unworked @ 60°F (16° C) 310-340
Base grease lithium -12-hydroxystearate
Sulfur content, % <0.15
Flashpoint 460°F (237°C)

Packaging Information:

Item No. Unit Size Quantity Net Wt. Ship Wt.
304A-21 1/2 pt. B/T 12 per case  6 lbs 10 lbs.
304B-21 1 pt. B/T 12 per case  12 lbs 18 lbs.
3041-21 1 gal. 1 each  10 lbs 11 lbs.
3043-21 3-1/2 gal. 1 each  25 lbs 27 lbs.
3045-21 5 gal. 1 each  45 lbs 49 lbs.
3046-21 16 gal. 1 each  120 lbs 130 lbs.
3047-21 55 gal. 1 each  560 lbs 560 lbs.


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