Rig Wash – AQS-7 – Surface Cleaner and Rig Wash Concentrate

Aqua-Sol 7 is a heavy duty butyl cleaner. It is not just a soap, it is a modern, synthetic, nonionic power detergent. Aqua-Sol 7’s heavy duty wetting action, penetrating and emulsifying action removes even petroleum and carbonaceous deposits. It is an excellent rig wash. Its reserve cleaning power attacks oily grime and black, crusty carbon on diesel pistons better than most other cleaners.

Aqua-Sol 7 does the job pleasantly and is wholly free from the harmful, unpleasant effects of old-style caustic soda cleaners.

Fire-retardant Aqua-Sol 7 is tough on dirt, grime and petroleum residue.

Concentrated Aqua-Sol 7 turns water into a fierce soil adversary. Its concentrated scour power is regulated to the job just by adding water. Because it is a liquid, there is no special mixing or waste as it all goes into solution. It goes futher, cleans better, thus saving you money. Even delicate steel and aluminum air conditioning meshes are safely cleaned by Aqua-Sol 7.

Additional Information:

How to use: Dilute with water. Adjust dilution for specific job and water. Apply with brush, sponge, mop or cloth. Rinse any high-gloss painted surface quickly.

Suggested dilution: Parts water to contentrate
Minimun / 1 to 1
Maximum / 100 to 1
Salt water + 72°F (+22°C) / 20 to 1


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Typical Characteristics:

Color medium blue
Temperature range +32°F (0°C) to saturated steam
PH of concentrate 10-11


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